Thursday, February 28, 2019

Matt Tolentino

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance a to hear Matt Tolentino speak, as I was absent do to snow at the time. Which is also the reason for me missing the extra credit opportunity on our last quiz. I guess that last line is me just being a little salty. However, I was not going to let these things be the reason why I don’t do this blog post. So, what I did instead (which I hope you will be okay with) is research Matt Tolentino. I’ve learned quite a few things about him through taking the quiz as well as research. Yes, I decided to do some research hoping to find information regarding his experiences in the professional world. I was able to find that he currently teaches Computer Science at the University of Washington Tacoma. In addition, he has TONS of experience working with different tech companies such as Microsoft, Intel, etc. To find out Matt Tolentino also owned over a dozen patents I was amazed simply of because most people barley own any, so for him to possess so many it shows he truly a creative whom takes initiative and maximizes his potential for success. Also, what impressed me about Matt Tolentino the most was his versatility in both the tech and business side of things. I thought this made extremely unique in the sense that he is extremely talented as he is able to generate technical concepts and then consider the business behind them. This is something Professor Fry has mentioned many times “what is the business behind it?” 

Tech Entrepreneur Guidebook Thoughts

After reading the first 10 pages of Tech Entrepreneur Guidebook, I must admit, I notice myself reading all the up to page 15. As an aspiring entrepreneur myself. There so many eye openers, some being discouraging however, now that I have put into perceptive I realized that like anything in life that’s worth something its not going to be easy. It shocked me that only a small percentage of ideas get the chance to go to the public market. It also was really interesting to find out that if you were to create a company based on an idea YOU created and took the time to development. Your likely to only obtain 3% of YOUR OWN company which absolutely baffled me. I was conflicted with this statement, as I believed it was unfair to the entrepreneurs who poured their blood sweat and tears into idea only for them lose 97% of their potential earnings. Now, I have more perspective on the matter, having that company is nothing without funds. Where you going to get those funds? From investors, who seek collateral in return. They seek ownership and equity in your company. Well if your someone who has nothing small production to show for in regard to your business in order for you to grow as an company you are going to take investors’ money and although you will own 3% this business if successful could land you the money to create another business which you could then own 60% of. 

Shadrach Guest Speaker

On this week’s blog I highlight guest speaker Shadrach White who is a successful entrepreneur and business-man who has taken plenty of risk in order to be where he is at today. I enjoyed Shadrach’s story as he is someone who began his journey not necessary knowing what exact market or felid he wanted to attack however, he envisioned himself a entrepreneur. He then sought out opportunities that would help him in his journey. His first stop in his had to do with making jerseys for streetball leagues specifically Ruck Park in New York. What fascinated me about this was, Shadrach traveled all the way to New York at a time where there was racial tension. Shadrach mentioned at this point “I was not harmed simply because people could see I was not there to cause trouble.” His approach was genuine which is something I was able to take away from Shadrach. This is that if you are going to do something, make sure you are genuine it makes everything all the smoother. Another thing I was able to gage in this conversation was how persistent Shadrach was. His jersey design company didn’t last as long as he expected however, it didn’t stop him from his aspiration of become wealthy. He then would go on from 2000-2010 to build up several companies which eventually led up to him creating a cloud and service company. I thought this brilliant as Shadrach was able to detect the market and capitalize off of it. 

Guest Speaker Erik Hanberg

I heard Erik Hanberg speak before during one of professors Fry's previous courses he taught in "Tech and Society." I was amazed then just as I am amazed now. This is because it has been a little under 2 years since I last heard him speak in front of the class and it seems he is still moving steadily with his business and continues to write books which is something he has a passion for. With that being said, one of the take-aways I had was the importance of passion and if you want to become an entrepreneur, a successful one of course, it’s always easier when you’re doing something you are extremely passionate about, as your passion can serve as fuel. Meaning if you’re doing something you genuinely like, it becomes easy to do, oppose to doing something you dread. You then count the seconds down waiting for it to be over. Another aspect that I was impressed by the guest speaker is motor in which possess. Everything he has done first started as an idea of course however, it seems these ideas Erik had ne manifested never faded away, as he was able to manifest them and keep at it. Most people don’t go after their dreams of creating your business because as mentioned by professor Fry the chances that your idea actually makes it into the market is slim to none. That’s why I commend Erik for his inspiring work and diligence. All in all, I enjoyed the guest speakers’ message and hope to put what I learned into practice when on my journey. 

You Lose Assets, You Lose Everything

When I took threat modeling last quarter we also talked about assets. The way the professor described it then was assets are simply things you want to protect. Now in this course, it is not any different. We have discussed and covered many different examples as to what assets are exactly and why it is important to protect them. It can range from, employees, material, data, infrastructure, transportation, etc. Now when I ask myself “why is it important to protect these assets?” Well from my take its simple. All these things mention have either have had money put into them or will generate money. For example, if you rent out an office, you have invested money into it however, this move has allowed for many employees to operate within functional grounds which in turn generates money short term or long term depending on your business of course and how you decide to approach things. Another interesting area when it comes to assets can include retention which for instance involves employees. The question here is “how do I keep assets?” Well if we are discussing anything other than employees it then boils down to cash flow and if you are financially stable enough to maintain and secure the assets you have. However, when it comes to employees it’s all about making them happy or at least content. This can involve a culmination of factors such as workplace environment, work incentive and even out of work activities and or festivities. All these are important factors when considering protecting your employees which as we talked about are very key assets.

Feedback Into Fuel

I had the chance of sharing my top business idea with other classmates during our last session. I was only able speak for about 3 minutes, however I felt that was enough time for me to convey my idea. Although my business idea a is something I had come up with recently, I felt extremely confident about it. That’s why believe it was easy for me to share my idea so comfortably simply because as a self-starter it’s easier to envision successes rather than failures. Moreover, I had no problem talking about my business idea but as you may very well know, whenever you present an idea to people you must brace yourself for feedback. With that being said, I would say I am an individual who is receptive feedback.  This brings me to the part of the discussion I thought was a bit challenging however. After sharing my idea to small group individuals within class, I was able to receive feedback from each person within our group. I was able to receive tons of feedback both good and bad. I was given ideas on how to implement cost, diversify audience and more. There was also suggestion of moving my business into a completely different direction. At this point, there was a small sense of confliction having that I wasn’t so sure if wanted to move my business idea into a whole other direction. Nonetheless, I was totally aware my group members where coming from a place of positivity, so I assumed positive intent and took their feedback as learning and improving opportunities. Ultimately, turning the feedback I was given into fuel. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Lucrative Waves

I have a few business ideas that I believe have the opportunity to be lucrative if excited precisely and correctly of course. Now, my first idea was inspired from a few ladies I know personally within the community whom are owners to daycares. These ladies are integral parts within our communities as they take pride in what they do and have become successful become successful because of it.  I had the chance to speak with these ladies on in depth level in regard to how they operate these daycares. I was pleased to hear stories of how they provided the upmost service to ensure that this kids that they are working feel safe in environment where they can learn, play and socialize. Having that my personal expertise in knowledge stems from information technology I could not help but ask to take a look at their websites. Shockley enough, each lady I spoke with was not able to display any websites. Right then, I immediately formed solution in my head. This solution I believe has the potential to increase bossiness earnings by a margin. To elaborate on this business idea, I am hoping to create a website building company that will be aimed of course at nonother than daycare owners within the community which after asking around seems to add up to a huge cliental. 
Another business idea I have arises from an inconstancy I was able to detect throughout the years. I am someone who enjoys playing basketball on my spare time. With being said there’s a whole lot that goes into the sport. It’s not just showing up at a park or gym and balling out. It’s about preparing yourself with the right gear and equipment, so you can eventually get to the point of balling out. Now, I mentioned gear which is really the point I want to emphasize as it pertains to this particular business idea. The inconstancy I keep coming across when it comes to basketball gear is the way basketball shorts are made nowadays. I say this because the market of basketball short has not shifted in design to keep up with the trend of “short shorts” which has been popularized by us millennials, as we are drawn to the aesthetic and comfortability of short shorts. It allows us to look good, and as we all know, “if you look good, you play good!” I would have never proposed this idea if this issue was simply one-to-one. However, after speaking many basketball players this is something they aren’t fond of as well. This brings me to my solution for my second business idea which will be to establish basketball shorts clothing line. These basketball shorts will feature light material, fashionable aesthetics and most importantly a length between seven to nine inches. I am well aware of the clothing industry being clustered however I feel this idea has an unprecedented amount of potential if executed and marketed correctly.
My last business idea came about during my freshmen year of college. This was a time where I was trying to get accumulated with the campus and meet new people of course. While in the midst of trying to connect with people it dawned on me the idea of an application that would help connect students together based on a thorough questionnaire which would ask questions such as classes are you taking? Would you like to study with other people taking these classes? What’s your class schedule? Based off these answered results you could then view who is taking the same classes as you and if they would like to study etc. This idea I feel has the most potential out of all of my ideas however I have not been able to narrow the scope to an exact deliverable which leaves for a lot of grey areas for the moment.  

Matt Tolentino

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance a to hear Matt Tolentino speak, as I was absent do to snow at the time. Which is also the reason for m...